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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shelley Lubben & The Pink Cross Foundation

Have you ever heard of Shelley Lubben? Well, I hadn't until recently. Now that I've been introduced to her "work," I can't tear myself away. Not only does Lubben appear to be a complete train wreck, but she also actively works to increase the stigma of women in the sex industry. If you've read any of my other blog posts, I don't need to get into why this pisses me off. Ok, so a bit of background information...

Lubben, or "Roxy," is a former pornography performer, and current born-again Christian/anti-porn activist. She established the Pink Cross Foundation, offering support to individuals who want to escape the dreaded and disease-infected sex industry (please take note of my sarcastic tone). However, Lubben believes that EVERYONE in the industry is a victim, in need of saving. (Whatever happened to choice and free will?) She speaks out against the porn industry, claiming that she contracted HPV and Herpes during her time in porn. Is it possible that she contracted these things during her time as a prostitute before going into the porn industry? Just sayin. She demonizes the porn industry rather than taking responsibility for her own actions. Additionally, Lubben was in porn for about a year, from 1993-1994. This was before the adult industry had the health & safety/harm reduction protocols that it has now, such as regular STD testing & follow-up. Although some producers required it, there was no central database. So, although it's possible that Lubben contracted something while working in the industry, this is not the same industry that exists today.

She's on a big mission to "save" these poor, lost, victimized souls. each their own, I can respect that, under the right conditions. If I believed that Lubben was actually out to help people and to make a positive difference, I would not be writing this entry. Here's the thing though...I don't buy it. Lubben isn't trying to help anyone, and she's doing much more harm than good to the men and women in the sex industry. She  makes sure to let everyone know that all women in porn are victims. They are on drugs, they are abused, they are not doing this consensually. They are brainwashed. This is what Lubben wants the media to believe. Here's the problem...much of our society already believes these stereotypes of women in porn, and Lubben is only making matters worse! She claims to want to help these women, but only perpetuates the stigma against the same individuals that she claims to be so concerned about!! Oh, and she makes blatant racist remarks during interviews. If you think I'm exaggerating, then take a look at the videos below.

Newsflash Shelley: NOT ALL WOMEN ARE COERCED INTO THE SEX INDUSTRY. Some women actually enjoy performing sexual acts on camera, and getting paid for it. It's fine if YOU didn't enjoy it (certainly the work isn't for everyone), but why do you insist on putting words into other people's mouths? This is the same kind of anti-feminist propaganda that I'm always speaking out against. It's so frustrating!!!

Michael Whiteacre is a filmmaker and writer who works to expose the truth about Shelley Lubben. I stumbled upon his films about Lubben, and immediately recognized that this was a voice of reason. I have posted Part 1 of his film, The Devil and Shelley Lubben, as well Shelley Lubben: Prophet or Pimp. More of Whiteacre's work can be found on YouTube, Michael Whiteacre's Lubben Playlist


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  1. I find Shelley Lubben very disturbing! Another great article babe, although ended up on youtube for about 2hours watching her rants and reading responses!! -Beck xx