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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Must-Read For All Webcam Performers & Fans

The following is a submission written by Gabriela, a woman who has been working as a webcam performer for over 2 years. There's a few things that she needs you to know...

Hey dolls! Ok, here's the deal; I fuck on camera. I strip, masturbate, talk dirty, and show you my feet (commonly referred to as "feets") on camera,  all in exchange for your hard earned money. I have catered to your needs, your fantasies, and done some freaky ass shit for you! I have amazing fans/regulars, and I am so blessed to have some of you. You have bought my school books, listened to me when I'm drunk and rambling about my latest break up; you have paid my rent. Unfortunately, for every 1 guy who is an amazing client, there are at least 30 morons. The following is a list for the morons, or perhaps the guys that are new to the world of webcam companionship. Okay...ready?  

  • My name is not bb. This one deserves some repeating...MY NAME IS NOT BB. If you're too fucking lazy to type the two extra letters that make up the word "baby," you're probably too lazy to be a good client. So, fuck off. 
  • I don't care how "hot" you are. I don't care how young you are. I definitely don't care how big your cock is. I do not want to give you a free show. Do YOU work for free??? No? Okay....then why the fuck do you expect me to?
  • I am not an escort or a prostitute. This is NOT a put-down to other sex workers; I have many escort friends. However, I don't fool around in person for money. Just because I fuck on camera for you does not mean that I can be bought. Once again...I don't give a fuck how hot you are. Got it? Good :)
  • My rate is what it is. This is not a negotiation. This is not a flea market. If you can't afford my rate, go elsewhere. Simple. I don't need your business or your bullshit.
  • Just because you can't afford my rate does not make me a bitch or slut. It just makes you poor, or cheap. Don't take your issues out on me. YOU messaged ME...remember? I'm not the one frantically messaging you trying to get a show. 
  • If I say that I don't do xyz...THEN I DON'T DO IT. Get over it. I will not compromise my boundaries for you. You cannot buy my self respect. 
  • Learn to spell. Self explanatory. 
  • Don't assume that I'm dumb just because I'm a sex worker. 
  • Why are you Skype calling me without first messaging me? Do you seriously think that I'm here 24/7, at your disposal? How delusional are you? 
  • I just told you that I'm not currently doing private shows...can you read?
  • Don't try to guilt me about only doing shows for money. No...I don't want to just "play for free" once in a while. You're not special, you don't make me want to work for free. 
  • Respect my time, and I will respect yours. 
  • If I say I'm only doing solo shows tonight, then fucking listen to me. NO, I can't call some random neighbor or stranger in. What the fuck is wrong with you?
As I previously stated, I love my fans. Nonetheless, there's a lot of idiots out there. Cheers!  

-Gabriela xxx 

UPDATE: I posted this article on the evening of 10/2, and found the following clip on Youtube the next morning! Unfortunately, I did not make this clip (if be that brilliant!), but it is HYSTERICAL. If you enjoyed this article, you must watch this clip. Watch may piss yourself laughing. Oh...and you know there's someone out there who's DYING to pay to see you piss. BB BB BB BB!  

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