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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jews & Christians Coming Together: Beautiful

Hi friends!

I found this article yesterday on The Real Porn Wiki Leaks (great site) and need to share it with my readers. I'm sure many of you have already it, but it's just TOO good to not share again. Seriously, I almost peed myself laughing while reading it. Here it is:

Shelley Lubben Loves A Jew by Michael Whiteacre.

Oh, and the photo! Next time I am feeling down on my life, I'll just pull this out and breathe a sigh of relief. It could always be worse.




Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stacie Halas Fired Due To Past In Porn

Oxnard science teacher Stacie Halas, once known as "Tiffany Six," has been fired from her job at Haydock Intermediate School in Southern California. Stacie did porn before she became a teacher- so-fucking-what? I don't understand how an individual can be fired from their job as a result of their previous LEGAL job. Porn is legal. PORN IS LEGAL. Why don't people understand this?

I understand that not everyone agrees with the making/viewing of pornography. Some people believe that pornography is immoral and disgusting. Fine, those people are entitled to their opinions (regardless of the fact that I think they are wrong!) Personal views aside, it is a legal industry in this country and nobody should be fired for having engaged in a legal industry. I've read that she was fired due to her immoral past behavior. Actually, the school district's exact words were "we feel it's a crime as far as moral turpitude is concerned.” Idiots. What more can I say?

Who determines what's immoral and what's not? Morals should have nothing to do with this decision. The simple fact is that Stacie Halas used to do porn, and now she's a science teacher. Whether you like it or not, the woman did nothing wrong and did not deserve to be fired. Quite frankly, I'm outraged.

School officials agree that Halas did not commit any crimes, but the discovery of her past is causing a disruption in the classrooms. So, basically her students are acting like shitty brats. Does this mean that any teacher with a classroom of difficult students is in danger of being fired? Shouldn't the blame fall on the shitty students for being disruptive, rather than the teacher? If students are acting inappropriately, they should be disciplined (not in a ruler to the backside sort of way, but the normal way. What do they do these days? Time-outs? Detention?)

I feel upset and disgusted by this story. She has 30 days to appeal the school district's decision, and I hope that she finds the support and strength to fight back. I would love to contact Halas. If anyone reading this knows her, please pass this along to her and/or comment below.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Future Dr. Shelley Lubben

As I typed the title of this post, I had to fight the intense urge to gag. If that crazy lady gets her doctorate and begins to refer to herself as "Dr. Lubben," I'm going to lose my shit. Just what the world needs- another fanatic running around tricking others into believing that they are a credible source while spouting about faulty research.

Exhibit A- Judith A. Reisman, PhD, or "Dr. Reisman" and her theory of erototoxins:

"The term erototoxin has been introduced by Judith Reisman, PhD, in order to operationalize how the human brain processes erotically stimulating intimate scenes that appear outside, in the public media, a documentably unnatural, dangerous environment for such scenes. The resulting harms to the observer may present as physical impotence and/or as emotional, in the inability to bond. Such psychopharmacological dysfunctions will afflict many or all repeated pornography users. While the visual stimulus' entry into the limbic system is virtually automatic and autonomic, it still allows for some levels of frontal cortical discernment commonly undeveloped in the adolescent brain. Although the tragedy of pornography use is thoroughly documented anecdotally, science is just beginning to confirm the involuntary anti cognitive nature of media eros."   Crazy Theories

Ok, so what did Ms. Reisman get her doctorate in? Oh, that's right...COMMUNICATIONS. Where's her data? Her published studies? How did she learn so much about physiology in her communications courses? Just because someone has a doctorate does not mean that they're credible, so please remember that when Shelley Lubben begins to refer to herself as a doctor. Oh and by the way, see that lovely picture below? That's Lubben and Reisman. They should start their own private practice.

Okay, so hopefully you got this far, and if you're just skimming, then let me grab your attention: PAY ATTENTION TO THIS, RIGHT HERE. RIGHT HERE RIGHT HERE, LOOK!!!  Ok, good. So, my inspiration for this latest rant came from the article "Shelley Lubben: Demons and Donkeys," featuring commentary from Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, Christina Page (yes, that's me), Jordan Owen, Beth Patricia, Anthony Kennerson, and Michael Whiteacre. Also, a few reprinted quotes from April Garris and Johnny Trejo.

This article is fantastic and you're even crazier than Shelley Lubben if you don't take a few minutes to read it:
Shelley Lubben: Demons and Donkeys

Michael Whiteacre is doing a wonderful job exposing this woman for the fraud that she is. You can check out his work here-  Michael Whiteacre's Youtube Channel

My goal is to help reduce the stigma against individuals who work in the sex industry, and I am offended and disgusted by the way Shelley Lubben speaks of these individuals. All she does is increase the stigma, causing harm to the individuals that she claims she is out to "save." The only person that she is interested in helping is herself. If you've ever been swayed by some of her anti-pornography propaganda bullshit, then please watch some of the videos on Whiteacre's YouTube channel. They should provide you with some enlightenment.

On that note, it's time for bed. I spent last night in NYC for the Sybarite Awards and had a fucking FANTASTIC time, but can no longer keep my eyes open.