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Friday, March 23, 2012

I Was A Gay Male Sex Worker

I was lucky enough to catch up with an old friend recently, a retired sex worker. He's a 26 year old gay male, and worked as a sex worker 5 years ago. Here is our interview:

So, you were a sex worker. What was your job? 

I was an erotic masseur, outside of the US.

How long did  you do this?

I only did it for a year. Best job of my life!

How much would you normally make? 

I usually worked about 3 days a week and I started at around $2000 a week, often more. I once had a guy tip me 800 for half hour!

Wow! Ok, so why did you stop?

I started dating the owner of the massage parlor. He gave me the financial backing that I needed, and he sexed me out! He was very wealthy and I didn't need the money, so I stopped working. I helped him run the front desk for a while, but I stopped giving massages.
So what did you do with the money that you made?

I traveled a lot and I was a full time student at the time. I used to shop for nice clothing and I felt great about having nicer stuff than my peers. 

What kinds of things did you do at the massage parlor?

Most guys would be naked, and I would give them a massage while I was naked. I would usually give them a hand job at the end. If I was really attracted to them, I would offer them more, but I never bottomed for any guy. I did fuck a couple of REALLY hot guys in the ass, but I never did anything that I didn't enjoy.

Wow! So what was it like? Can you sum up your experience?

I loved it because I got to have sex with such beautiful men, better looking guys than I would ever hook up with and they were paying me! I'll never forget the first week I did it. I had a huge shoebox of money, over $2000 from working 3 days after school, and I was 21 years old. It made me feel very liberated in a way, all these men were giving me money!

What were the downsides of the job?

There weren't any. There weren't any downsides that I can think of. Well, some people would call me a slut and a whore. There were other gay guys at my university that would talk shit about me. Ya know what? It seemed like the straight guys were more open minded about it. Honestly, I didn't care. The gay guys shouldn't have been judging. They were giving it away for free while I was getting paid. Also, I could refuse any guy that I wasn't attracted to and I had plenty hot guys.

What would you say to people who judge sex workers?

Oh fuck them, I wouldn't even care, but you know what, I feel like you can't judge someone until you walk in their shoes. Before I did it, I didn't understand it. But, when I did it, it was so fun. I was very nervous before I started it. I didn't know what to expect. Once I started it I really enjoyed it. The guys were generally very nice and it was great money!

What do you do now?

I work in sales and I make great money. I'm satisfied with my life.

Is there anything that you regret about your past job as a sex worker? 

No, I learned so much from it. It was such an eye opening experience, it was a whole different world.

Do you think your experience would have been different if you were a female sex worker?

I do, because I think most of the guys that I got were closeted. Perhaps if I was female, some of them would be crazy, I don't know. Most of the guys I had were nice. I think that guy on guy is less risky. So many of them were closeted, married, perhaps 80 percent. They just weren't out, so they came to me.

Great, thanks so much!

Thank you to my friend, who wishes to stay anonymous.



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